Building Blocks Fundraising

Introducing the “Building Blocks” Fundraising Program sponsored by DNA Financial Solutions. DNA Financial Solutions is a family owned agency specializing in tax advisement and offering a host of financial services. This year we are creating a fundraising partnership with local school activity departments. Our mission is to support the various organizations that develop our community youth!


We do the following:
• Create Social Media Marketing Material (e-flyers, post, tips)
• Set Up a Fundraising Table where we bring flyers, posters, educational materials, and business cards with your referral code. We make it a family friendly event with the objective of building a community partnership and encouraging team spirit! (This program is based on the events of the team or extracurricular)
• Announce it on all our social media, media outlets and partners making the official announcement.


Why DNA Financial Solutions?

Every year many Americans file their taxes and are not fully aware of the credits that they can take advantage of. This includes donations and volunteer work tax considerations. Our Agency recognizes that family and business owners are essential support systems in the community and need financial education and tax strategies. DNA Financial Solutions offers many recommendations that secure families. We want to be able to reach more community members through our “Building Blocks” program. As parents with children in sports we fully understand the importance of fundraising and providing opportunities to all families.
Our typical client sees an average to $500-$1200 more per return because we take our time and train our tax preparers to look for deductions that are often missed. Not only do we complete a thorough tax return, we also educate and provide programs throughout the year that will help families with their finances. We have on-site agents and resources that will move our community in the right directions. For us, helping families is one way to ensure longevity financially. It is what drives our vision.
Contact us today so we can create a program that will support your season’s financial goals!

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