Curriculum Course Description

Taxes 101 Current & Previous Tax Laws


“Taxes are so complex.” “I am not comfortable doing taxes!” “I’m scared of the IRS.” Sound Familiar? This introductory course reviews the history of taxes, tax law and the approach to basic tax forms. You will also discover the most important recent changes that impact tax filers in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. This course comes with a workbook and support guides that help you get a better understand on the exciting world of taxes.


Tax Preparation & Software Application (must take Taxes 101 Current & Previous Tax Laws)


This course is the follow up to Taxes 101 Current & Previous Tax Laws. With knowledge from the previous course, discover the actual tax filing process through DNA Financial Solutions’ preferred tax filing platform. Understand how to file individual and small business taxes, review case studies and practical tax strategies. Receive steps on IRS registration, independent contractor opportunities and the application for the 2-year apprenticeship program. 


DNA Building Blocks of Marketing

Learn the secret sauce of success. The objective of this curriculum is to provide participants with the foundational knowledge of  client creation. Understand how to market to networks and build a book of business by word-of-mouth and social media.  Formulate your very own seasonal business plan to meet your goals. Receive the assessment and the step-by-step DNA Building Blocks Guide to Build.  


DNA Workshop Series

Are you ready? No, not yet? The DNA Workshops are designed to help you prepare for the upcoming tax season!  With various mock case tax files, learn how to process tax returns for individuals and small businesses. Become familiar with the various resources to help support you support your future clients.  You will have instructional guidance and the opportunity to review the “most common” scenarios in the world of tax filing.  Workshops requires a laptop.