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Office Coordinator

The Building Block of Our Success

Your logic, dedication, and integrity are defining characteristics that people around you really notice.  

You love to dig in and get the job done in the most sensible and efficient way and you get a funny satisfaction from turning in error-free paperwork every time.

Right now, you may be in a transitional period of your life, in school or semi-retired, or maybe you’re looking for a few hours/week working with a dynamic team of fempreneurs for the pocket cash and networking.  Perhaps you’ve worked in the financial industry before or you’re hoping to build your career there. 

We are DNA Financial Solutions, a woman-led financial services agency specializing in tax preparation,  insurance solutions, and financial planning. We are invested in developing our community and specifically helping our clients build their wealth and financial legacy.  The difference between us and other tax prep agencies is the heart and love we put into every business relationship we foster. We sometimes say we’re more counselors than financial professionals and we’re proud of the number of small business owners we support through ups and downs over the years.


We are looking for an administrative coordinator who loves to make sure every “i” is dotted, and every “t” is crossed.  To start, the job will be 5 - 10 hrs/week between the hours of 10am-3pm at our office on 48th Street and Southern in Tempe. The days are flexible, but once we agree on a schedule, we need someone who will stick to it reliably.

The position includes duties like: Making and taking phone calls with clients, partners, and the IRS, extensive data entry, faxing, emailing, and processing online paperwork.  

Additional duties may include marketing activities, sending emails to our client list, and filing documents.  

The right person will be familiar with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel) and GSuite tools like Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar and will be excellent at keeping our office organized in preparation for our busy tax season.  We would like to find someone with previous office experience, but we’re open to people at the beginning or further along in their career journey.

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